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BY JIM BRANDT WAYS TO ENERGIZE YOUR WORKOUT Bored? Not making progress? Having trouble getting motivated? Try these tips to get back on track and make exercise fun again. 26 IHRSA | www.healthcl u b s . c o m Photo: Thinkstock 10 W e’ve all been there. No matter how committed we may be to regular phys- ical activity, sometimes it seems like we’re knee deep in quicksand. Suddenly, binge watching that new Netflix series or trying the new fusion restaurant down the street seems much more appealing then putting on your shorts and hitting the gym. Even elite athletes need help to stay motivat- ed, so regular Joes and Jills often face a bigger challenge in trying to stay engaged with their exercise program. Fortunately, health clubs have expanded their options in providing exer- cise styles and classes to their members, and if you’re not taking advantage of all of the choices you have to break a sweat, you’re missing out. We put together a list of 10 ways to bring life back to your fitness program. Sometimes just a little imagination and risk-taking can lead to a much healthier and more enjoyable exercise experience. There’s no rule that says workouts can’t be fun.