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| News & Know How | On The Move Continuing Education Strategic Partnerships Strength Specialists Share Their Savvy Some of the best minds in strength training recently shared their experience and expertise with participants at the fourth annual H.I.T. Resurgence Conference, hosted by Discover Health, a Plymouth, Minnesota–based personal fitness center. Geared to exercise professionals who “believe strongly in evidence-based training,” the colloquium featured world-class speakers and practitioners Bill DeSimone demonstrates who addressed a wide ‘joint-friendly’ maneuver range of scientific studies, offering their expert opinions. The panel of notables included Mike Bradley, the strength and conditioning coach for Florida State University basketball; James Fisher, a senior lecturer and research scientist at Southampton Solent University in the U.K.; Markus Reinhart, a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer; Dr. Richard Winett, the director of the Center for Research in Health Behavior at Virginia Tech; and Kim Wood, the former co-owner of Nautilus and Hammer Strength, and the former strength and conditioning coach for the Cincinnati Bengals. Rounding out the roster were Matt Brzycki, a veteran coach, instructor, and author; Luke Carlson, the founder of Discover Strength and of the conference; and Bill DeSimone, an author, biomechanist, personal trainer, and owner of Optimal Exercise, a Cranbury, New Jersey–based club. —| Performing: from l., Jon, Lynne, Victor, Vicki Brick Brick Bodies Partners with Medical Center Brick Bodies Fitness Services, Inc., and the Mercy Med- ical Center have entered into a unique partnership that provides Baltimore, Maryland–area residents with an innovative weight-management program that integrates cutting-edge medical and nutritional counseling with professional fitness services. Lynne Brick, the cofounder and owner of Brick Bodies, based in Baltimore, notes that the alliance with Mercy’s Weinberg Center for Women’s Health and Medicine makes perfect sense. “Both,” she points out, “have strong local and national reputations for wellness.” Brick Bodies personnel will work with Mercy staff to help participants incorporate better eating and exercise habits into their daily lives. Among the key features of the program are personal counseling by a certified nutritionist from the medical center, guidelines for healthy eating choices, and individually tailored workout routines for maximum weight loss and physical results. “It’s about making the process of being fit and eat- ing healthy a lifelong habit, and that means it should be engaging and fun,” says Dr. Saluja Supneet, of the Endocrinology Center at Mercy. “This program is designed to be just that.” —| Franchising The Periodic Growth Chart of elements elements for women, headquartered in Miami, is “on the grow again”—from New England to the Middle East. The fitness franchise’s newest facility, in the Boston suburb of Canton, recently enrolled more than 50 members during its first week of presales. Its very first Massachusetts loca- tion, in Wareham, near Cape Cod, has expanded, and other elements units are slated to open across the state in the near future. Several continents away, elements will introduce its trademarked BalanceDiet concept to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where it will be opening one of its largest facilities. The multilevel club will feature open-air construction; the generous use of marble, glass, and branded features; and a wide range of luxurious amenities, including a spa, full retail center, and a carport. Christopher Palumbo, the founder of elements, says that the company will make its debut in Las Vegas later this year; site selection was under way there recently. —| Download the Free IHRSA App: | elements for women, Canton MAY 2014 | Club Business International 29