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your one in club take Feature Headline locker amenity. here these your products that from you IHRSA somewhat for members that Your can members your don’t; locker most room see the it as best an PRODUCT Is important goes room Consider place No Continued associate granted? make SHOWCASE it can be—regardless of its size. HYDROMASSAGE For over 25 years, HydroMassage beds have been trusted by doctors and industry leaders to provide the benefits of massage, without the hassle of hiring, or managing, a therapist. Members often enjoy a 7-to-10-minute massage each time they visit, which they can use as a relaxing cool-down after a workout. Clubs can create new profit cen- ters by including HydroMassage in premium memberships or by charging an additional $10 to $20 per month. Clubs with the best utilization rates typically set up HydroMassage zones, which include two or more beds in a semi-private room with a spa décor. Contact: 800-699-1008, Please see our ad on page 33. —| GANTNER ELECTRONIC GMBH SPORTS SOLUTIONS, INC. Unlocked dispensers in showers and vanities can cause security issues. Sports Solutions offers an answer to product tampering con- cerns. The company’s new magnetic locking lids for its Standard Acrylic Dispensers make security as easy as swiping a magnetic key to lock and unlock dispenser lids. Lids are available in white or black, and are patented in the U.S. and Canada. Magnetic locking lids are ideal for clubs, restaurants, and guest facilities that require the security of locked dispensers that work well with beautiful amenity presentations. Contact: 800-969-8008, Please see our ad on page 76. —| Gantner’s RFID Online Locking System is a good way to provide real-time security for lockers and increase user satisfaction, while improving retention and lowering overall operating expenses. Mem- bers simply choose any available locker with their RFID smart card, RFID Wristband, or NFC-enabled smart phones. Online lockers provide clear status displays at the locker, as well as the front desk, providing live feedback and notifications. The Online Locking System is part of the Gantner RFID System Solution, which helps simplify operations, reduce costs, and increase profits for clubs. Contact: 43-5556-73784-0, Please see our ad on page 90. —| SALSBURY INDUSTRIES Made entirely of aluminum, Salsbury Industries/’s cell phone storage lockers can accommodate cell phones, keys, tablet PCs, wallets, cameras, e-readers and other valuable items. Salsbury cell phone storage lockers are available in 5” and 8” deep compartments. They include master keyed locks or resettable combination locks, and are available with standard A doors (6-1/2" W x 5-1/4" H), or larger B doors (13" W x 5-1/4" H). Contact: 800-LOCKERS, Please see our ad on page 91. —| CODELOCKS, INC. When it comes to locker room refurbishments, the locks on lockers are often overlooked, but clubs don’t have to be stuck with old-fashioned locks and keys. Modern digital locks are much more convenient and easier to manage. The KitLock range from Codelocks is designed specifically for securing lockers. To access a locker, guests simply key in a four-digit code on the keypad, then “lock and go.” If they forget their code, the locker can be opened by employing a “technician code,” significantly reducing the amount of time employees spend addressing locker issues. Contact: 714-979-2900, Please see our ad on page 98. —| 56 Club Business International | JULY 2014 | Download the Free IHRSA App: