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| IHRSA Report | First Set ® The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association is a not-for-profit trade association open to investor-owned and member-owned fitness, racquet, and athletic facilities. Associate memberships are available to manufacturers or suppliers of products and services of use to IHRSA members. 800-228-4772 USA & Canada 617-951-0055 International 617-951-0056 FAX E-mail: IHRSA Board of Directors Robert Brewster: Chairperson The Alaska Clubs 907-337-9550 Bill Beck: Club Fit Jefferson Valley 914-245-4040 Gustavo Borges: Academia Gustavo Borges +55 11 5051-8009 Allison Flatley: L &T Health & Fitness Corporate Fitness Works 703-204-1355 Derek Gallup: New Evolution Ventures 925-297-6369 Rasmus Ingerslev: Fresh Fitness +45 2235-3530 Molly Kemmer: MediFit 303-525-5392 Jasmin Kirstein: My Sportlady Fitness +49 89-201-4248 Christian Pierar: De Fitness Organisatie +32 9-232-5036 Mark Stevens: Houstonian Hotel, Club, and Spa 713-685-6888 Jim Zupancic: Stafford Hills Club 503-612-2400 Brent Darden: Ex-Officio Brent Darden Consulting 972-458-2582 Needs and Wants It’s the simplest and yet most seminal of questions, one that defines every aspect of life: “What do you want?” What are prospects looking for? What do members expect? What does staff require? What does the market demand? What do you want for your business? It was a line of inquiry that was pursued at some length during a recent meeting of IHRSA’s board of directors—a process not unlike that employed at every club’s annual strategic meeting. A review of the association’s current product and service offerings; analysis of emerging industry trends; and an engrossing discussion about new, unmet, and, in some cases, not-yet-identified needs. What more do IHRSA club and associate-member companies want? What more does the industry want right now? And what will it want tomorrow? Robert It’s important that IHRSA know. Brewster, IHRSA Over the years, the organization not only has fostered “success Chairperson by association” on the part of its members, but, in a very real way, has also helped grow, shape, and expand the industry. It’s done an exemplary job with its research, conventions, publica- tions, and public policy (what an amazing record!), and will continue to do so. Its international alliances and meetings have given it a solid global presence. But the world is changing. The health club sector is changing. The industry is flourishing in terms of its size, sophistication, and ever- increasing number of business models. According to The IHRSA Global Report 2014, there are now more than 165,000 clubs, serving 138 million members, and generating $78.2 billion in revenues, worldwide. The new needs, wants, and dreams require fresh insights, innovation, prod- ucts, services, and solutions. The owner of a small independent club has different concerns than those of the CEO of a large chain. Fitness franchises grapple with a unique set of factors. The fast-growth models of recent years—high-volume/ low-priced (budget) clubs, specialized studios, CrossFit boxes, and the like—are, I think, still discovering what aids could expedite their success. And the desires of operators in the more than 80 countries that read CBI each month and attend IHRSA’s annual convention each year are as diverse as the clubs themselves. To get a better fix on the services that will help drive the industry’s future, board members confer with one another, mine the insights of colleagues, periodically poll the association’s membership, and, like the management of any well-run club, are constantly, always, seeking the input, ideas, and suggestions of IHRSA’s clients. Which brings us to you. So …. What do you want? —| – Robert Brewster, Download the Free IHRSA App: | SEPTEMBER 2014 | Club Business International 95