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results Feature Headline about game it: A changer here your No Continued the program training you program Or, that start produces scratch? Be for sure its participants PRODUCT Think be a goes safe, effective, engaging Want sports to beef performance can for club. up have? from to consult SHOWCASE these IHRSA associate members who are experts in the field. POLAR ELECTRO, INC. Polar Electro’s new tablet-based app, Polar Flow for Club, allows fitness facilities to offer their members the many benefits of heart-rate training. This unique group exercise solution displays members’ heart rates as they exercise, making it possible for instructors to provide useful, motivating, and appropriate, one-on-one guidance to help members reach their goals. By engaging members more fully, Polar Flow for Club can help club operators increase retention and drive business growth. Contact: 888-850-0349, Please see our ad on page 65. —| BILT BY AGASSI & REYES The Change of Direction (COD) Machine, from BILT by Agassi & Reyes, won the FIBO Innova- tion Award in 2013. The ergonomic efficiency of the unit’s moving parts allows for a safe squat movement, as well as an intense lateral exer- cise series, including side shuffles, lunges, and single leg squats. The machine’s construction ensures a direct line of movement, which protects the spine and back muscles, and conforms to the natural angles of the user’s body. Tennis great Andre Agassi won eight Grand Slam titles by training on COD. NATIONAL EXERCISE TRAINERS ASSOCIATION (NETA) Wellness coaching has emerged as a growing trend in the health and fitness industry. NETA-trained Wellness Coaches are equipped with the knowledge required to work collaboratively with individuals in a client-centered process to facilitate the achievement of self-determined healthy living goals. Earning NETA’s Wellness Coach Specialty Certification can advance a fitness professional’s career with the essential skills needed to guide others toward achieving lasting lifestyle behavioral change. NETA has been certifying fitness professionals since 1977. Contact: 702-215-2181, Please see our ad on page 91. —| TRX TRAINING TRX Training develops the total-body strength, endurance, mobility, and durability that nearly any athlete, in nearly any sport, needs to perform at their best. No matter what their mission, sport, or goal, TRX can get them there with industry-leading gear, workouts, and the education required to make them move their best. Lightweight and easy to set up anywhere, the TRX Suspension Trainer leverages bodyweight and gravity to build incredible core strength, muscular endurance, and rotational power, so athletes can dominate on the field, pitch, track, or court. Contact: 800-237-6242, Please see our ad on page 109. —| Contact: 888-878-5348, Please see our ad on page 39. —| 56 Club Business International | OCTOBER 2015 | Download the Free IHRSA App: