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goal; another way you can improve Feature Headline green goes a result, noble it’s here of it’s the No Continued members, the as well-being will of be your pleased members, know your that community, is and a good the PRODUCT Going As a is planet. one best ways to retain many to their club SHOWCASE corporate citizen. These IHRSA associate members help make going green feasible. S3 DESIGN, INC. As a health club design firm, S3 Design, Inc., creates facilities that incorporate state-of- the-art technologies that help owners track energy consumption, and that reduce energy usage, while utilizing local, sustainable products. When executed correctly, the architectural space not only can be beautiful, but also can reduce the owner’s financial expenditure over the long term by reducing large energy expenses, e.g., for lighting. S3 Design’s goal is to help owners maximize their investments, whether through cost savings, member experience, or member retention. S3 Design has numerous LEED-certified projects to employ as resources to aid customers in making informed decisions regarding sustainability. Contact: 781-848-8804, Please see our ad on page 74. —| W.W. GRAINGER, INC. Clubs wishing to conserve water used by toilets may want to consider the American Standard “Automatic Flush Valve,” which has a proximity sensor for hygienic hands-free operation, with a mechanical override, and its positive seal for leak-free use. In addition, range and flush volume can be adjusted manually, or by using the convenient remote control (No. 24X050), sold sepa- rately. This is a green item; American Standard has designated it as an environmentally preferable product (EPP) since it has been WaterSense approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). GYMVALET/B & D SPECIALTY CONCEPTS, INC. Contact: 888-803-7320, Please see our ad on page 98. —| Clubs can go green and save money with the GymValet—a convenient holder for disinfectant spray bottles and towels. GymValet easily attaches to cardio and strength equipment, or to walls, placing sanitizing supplies precisely where they should be—on or near equipment, at every exerciser’s fingertips. A convenient spray bottle and towel has been documented as the “greenest” and most cost-effective way to clean equipment. No disposable wipes or paper waste is generated, at a savings of approximately 95% compared with wipes or paper-based cleaning. ATHLETIX PRODUCTS BY CONTEC, INC. Alcohol-free Athletix Cleaner Spray effectively cleans and deodorizes athletic facility equipment and surfaces. The virtually odorless chemistry is free of harsh chemicals that can damage equipment over time. It’s member-friendly, and gentle enough for repeated use, yet it’s effective against grime and buildup. The patented nanopolymer technology leaves behind an invisible protective barrier, which keeps surfaces cleaner longer and reduces odor- causing elements. The spray, which is well suited for cleaning yoga mats in particular, is available in convenient concentrate packets for use with the company’s economical refillable bottles. Contact: 216-378-4298, Please see our ad on page 75. —| Contact: 864-503-8333, Please see our ad on page 73. —| 50 Club Business International | OCTOBER 2015 | Download the Free IHRSA App: