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going often Feature Headline green, services here No Continued helping can to help protect you to the do environment. Many of these high-quality PRODUCT By products goes you can offered trim by IHRSA your expenses while members and associate both. SHOWCASE SPORTS & FITNESS INSURANCE CORPORATION Going green and saving money is easy with the Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation’s (SFIC’s) new ³EZ² online application! It takes only five minutes to apply at sportsfitness. com/EZAPP, and proof of insurance can be e-mailed and saved directly to a smartphone. ³EZ² coverage for fitness professionals is designed specifically for personal trainers, as well as yoga, Pilates, and individual or group exercise instructors. They’re insured whether they operate out of a single club, multiple clubs, or even a public facility, such as a park or activity center, and the coverage follows them wherever they work in the U.S. Fitness facilities and studios also can apply online at Contact: 888-276-8392, Please see our ad on page 71. —| CODELOCKS, INC. Locker key management is a problem at many clubs. Changing room locker keys are often lost, stolen, or broken on a regular basis. However, a simple upgrade may solve this problem. Locker key management can become a thing of the past if key cam locks are replaced with smart-looking digital locks from KitLock. To access a locker, guests simply key in a four-digit code on the keypad, then “lock and go.” If a guest forgets their code, the locker can be opened using a “technician code”— significantly reducing key-cutting costs and the time employees spend managing locker issues. TWIN OAKS SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, INC. Twin Oak’s fast, secure, state-of-the-art desktop and Web-based options are a smart decision for almost any club. With Twin Oaks, club operators get comprehensive software that’s backed by 20 years of hands-on experi- ence in club technology. The company utilizes intelligent and intuitive programming to develop its products so that customers have the resources they need to register their new clients, maintain prospect data, and offer electronic contracts to seal the deal. Plus, Twin Oaks offers safe, reliable billing, translating directly to even more revenue. Contact: 714-979-2900, Please see our ad on page 77. —| GYMWIPES/2XL CORPORATION The GymWipes product line is the original, specially formulated, industry-compliant solution for safely removing sweat, grime, and germs from fitness equipment and high-use surfaces. Economical, eco-friendly, and nontoxic, the antimicrobial, bactericidal, virucidal, and fungicidal, EPA- registered disinfecting/sanitizing formulas protect against 50+ pathogens, including CA-MRSA, HIV, and flu. The fresh-scent formulas contain no phenol, alcohol, or bleach. Made in the USA, GymWipes are tested and approved by equipment manufacturers. In addition, a variety of dispensing accessories also are available from 2XL Corporation. Contact: 866-278-6750, Please see our ad on the inside back cover. —| Contact: 888-977-3726, Please see our ad on page 68. —| 58 Club Business International | OCTOBER 2014 | Download the Free IHRSA App: