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PRODUCT SHOWCASE Sports performance training is not just for the young; members of all ages can benefit from it. The following IHRSA members can provide the products and services needed to help your members progress safely and appropriately, as they achieve their training goals. TRX Fitness professionals can incorporate advanced TRX coaching techniques, helping them to dominate in small-group training settings, by taking advantage of Team Course, the company’s new Level 2 Suspension Training course. Users will learn about three small-group training regimens, including strength- based, high-intensity interval, and mobility workout. The course includes practice and live feedback on small-group workouts, online modules, support videos, and a course reference guide. Contact: 888-878-5348, Please see our ad on page 26. —| NATIONAL EXERCISE TRAINERS ASSOCIATION (NETA) Wellness coaching has emerged as a growing trend in the health and fitness industry. NETA-trained and -certified wellness coaches are equipped with the knowledge to work collab- oratively with clients to facilitate the achievement of their self-determined, healthy lifestyle goals. Also, earning NETA’s Wellness Coach Specialty Certifica- tion can advance a fitness professional’s career, as there’s great demand for those who can help special populations attain lasting behavioral change. NETA has been certifying fitness professionals since 1977. AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EXERCISE (ACE) The good news: 31% of American adults now take part in at least one sport or physical activity, and expertise in sports conditioning will help personal trainers serve a wide range of clients. Earning an ACE Sports Conditioning Specialty Certification will increase a trainer’s marketability to elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts training for an event, as well as young competitors who need to increase their balance, strength, agility, and speed. Certified trainers will have the tools to design workouts for one-on-one or group training. Contact: 800-237-6242, Please see our ad on page 69. —| Contact: 888-825-3636, Please see our ad on page 18. —| BILT BY AGASSI & REYES: BY AN ATHLETE FOR AN ATHLETE BILT by Agassi & Reyes is a proprietary arsenal of fitness equipment featuring innovative technologies, including the unique C.O.D. Machine. This unit, which combines weight resistance and movement, allows users to move laterally against resistance and perform squatting/knee-bend movements—along with lateral movements, such as side, shuffle, or skip steps. In addition, IntelliLift, a proprietary, spring- enhanced, weight-stack system, provides a higher level of efficiency and intensity. Now members no longer have to choose between working out harder and working out safer. Contact: 702-215-2181, Please see our ad on page 47. —| 46 Club Business International | OCTOBER 2014 | Download the Free IHRSA App: