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| Innovations | FIT Extra Computer Applications Mobile Mastery COMPUTER APPLICATIONS Now the newest club management software is mobile A&A COMPANY Today, health clubs can take advantage of sophisticated club management software that not only runs office operations efficiently, but also includes member relationship manage- A&A Club/A&A Profile ment (MRM) tools that accommodate mobile devices. The comprehensive A&A Club/A&A Profile software supports a variety of functions, including short- or long-term contracts; member database; CRM; KPI support; check-in and check-out, barcodes, RFID, smartcards, and mag- netic strips; booking systems; employee time-tracking; integrated SMS; electronic locker systems; warehouse; retention- management; and payroll. It also includes advanced security system capabilities, price lists for several club areas, cash-free technology, a club parking module, and several reporting options. It operates on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server, and Microsoft Azure. “Laptops, tablets, and smartphones have shattered the shackles that the desktop computer had imposed on the industry,” observes Bryant Strozinsky, a marketing specialist at EZFacility, Inc. “Now, club management software can actually function as an extra employee, with, for example, a tablet serving as an unmanned check-in station.” “Mobile connectivity gives employees the freedom to roam about the club—that as opposed to being tied to a desk,” points out Glen Bendixen, the CEO of Paramount Acceptance. “Many of the traditional desktop applications, such as signing an agreement or taking a payment, can be done with a tablet or smartphone, which provides greater flexibility and convenience.” Mobile technology also makes it possible for clubs to engage and empower their members more effectively. “Clearly, clubs can expect more from their software today,” suggests Strozinsky. “Ideally, mem- bers can use it to purchase services, manage their schedule, track their progress, and communicate with staff—all by using their own computer or mobile device.” The flip side is that robust Websites and apps may also make members a bit more demanding. “Now,” cautions Strozinsky, “they expect to be able to schedule classes, access their membership accounts, and watch how-to videos—all from their smartphones.” When it comes to MRM, mobility is key to outreach, prospecting, referrals, and, ultimately, retention. Club management software and mobile apps allow users to send messages to members’ mobile phones, or to conduct influential e-mail and social media campaigns. “Employing this technology can boost lead generation, increase the number of touch-points, improve retention, and enhance members’ overall satisfaction,” says Bendixen. Recently, for example, ASF Payment Solutions partnered with Textmunication, a mobile marketing specialist, to make it possible for clubs to communicate, via SMS text messages, to seek new member leads, and to reach out to current members with promotions, renewal reminders, birthday wishes, etc. For busy clubs, optimizing the efficiency and consistency of such communications is critical to remaining competitive, contends Hossein Noshirvani, the cofounder of Motionsoft, Inc. “I can count on two hands the number of gyms that have a process and a dedicated resource for member outreach—phone calls, e-mails, and hand- holding,” he explains. “All of this involves an investment of time. “Your software needs to manage these relationships with clients,” he counsels. “After all, your members are your club’s most valuable asset.” —| D ow n lo a d t h e Fre e I H R S A A p p : i h rs a . o rg / a p p i h rs a . o rg ABC FINANCIAL SEE OUR AD ON PAGES 4 AND 5 ABC Financial—Software, Billing, and On-site Support ABC Financial strives to maximize its clients’ revenue with its software and payment processing solutions, which are constantly being enhanced to help health clubs thrive. Its DataTrak health club management software reflects the company’s dedication to cutting-edge technology in its speed, comprehensive- ness, innovation, and security. With over 34 years’ experience, ABC Financial is committed to unparalleled customer service, and currently works with more than 5,200 health clubs throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. | JANUARY 2015 | Club Business International 67