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By Liane Cassavoy Data: Your Most Valuable Possession Breaches are a real, present, and growing danger. It’s time to lock things up! Your club is overflowing with valu- ables, from the new treadmills you recently purchased and the big-screen TVs hanging above them, to the credit cards and other personal belongings your members have trustingly stored in your locker rooms. But some of your club’s most valuable property may be something you can’t see or touch: It just might be all of the data you’ve collected and stored about your mem- bers, your employees, and your business’ operation. In the world today, data is a commodity that’s constantly increasing in value, and, as a result, is subject to theft. Explore, Connect, Succeed! Visit A data breach occurs when sensitive, protected, or confi- dential information is released, either intentionally or unintentionally, to an unauthorized entity. Unfortunately, these breaches have become all too common. Last year, as many as one out of every three Americans were the victims of a data breach involving the healthcare industry—that according to the 2016 Healthcare Breach Report, from Bitglass, a firm that provides data security services. That’s an 80% increase in data “hacks” over the previous year, says Bitglass—proof that hackers aren’t slowing down in their quest for valuable personal information. > | APRIL 2016 | Club Business International 57