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Lobbying for employee fitness Corporate Fitness Works (CFW) The benefits may be the same, but the upside possibilities have soared By Jon Feld & Patricia Amend The Fresh Look Corporate Fitness W hen it comes to the benefits of corpo- rate memberships and related health, fitness, and wellness programs, the discourse has remained fairly con- stant for the past 30 years. By now, the notion that these efforts yield tremendous value for both the employer and the employee is regarded as a given. It’s been confirmed by countless studies, which, while inevitably reaching the same positive con- clusion, acknowledge some inconsistencies in results and lingering questions regarding best practices. Explore, Connect, Succeed! Visit of A Review of the U.S. Workplace Wellness Market, a paper produced in 2012 by the U.S. Departments of Labor and of Health and Human Services, reported that 92% of companies with 200 or more employees were offering workplace wellness programs in 2009. The goals pursued most frequently were increased phys- ical activity (addressed by 63% of the firms), smoking cessation (60%), and weight loss (53%). However, despite general acceptance of the merits of corporate programs and their widespread availability, active participation in them seems limited. One study > | APRIL 2016 | Club Business International 47