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An EMPOWERING Tool By Lilly Prince Imagine, for a moment, that every member of your club occupies a seat at your regularly sched- uled management meeting. During the session, they offer their candid thoughts about how they feel— either better or worse—on a wide variety of club topics. Things such as which equipment they prefer; why they enjoy one particular cycling class more than others; who their favorite staff members are; and what you, the owner/operator, can do to provide them with an ideal member experience. Just a pipe dream, right? Not really. In fact, there is a feasible, technologically facilitated way to have members present, in a manner of speaking, at customer experience meetings, points out Chris Werte, the director of marketing for The Retention People North America (TRP). The firm, based in Woodbury, New York, is a customer experience management software and solutions provider for the international fitness industry. And the answer to the member-in-the-meeting question? It’s called the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a customer- satisfaction rating tool that TRP offers. “The Net Promoter Score is an easy, powerful tool for mea- suring customer satisfaction and loyalty,” explains Werte. “The beauty of it is its simplic- ity—the way it collects data, and the fact that it provides real-time, actionable insights.” “We’ve tried various approaches in the past, includ- NPS leaders grow twice as ing different in-house tools, and fast as their competitors even having a full-time director of member experience,” reports Nezar Yaggey, the director of fitness and retention services for World Health, Edmonton, in Alberta, Canada. “Nothing else has provided us with the kind of structure that’s inherent in NPS. It’s inspired us to empower our staff to spend more time on the floor with members, and to log meaningful interactions into the system. We’ve also created a member experience training course to supplement our use of NPS. We want to ensure that our staff have all of the tools and resources required to provide ‘above and beyond’ customer service. “The revealing NPS metric and the numerous reports that TRP produces are tools we use to inspire and motivate our staff that we didn’t have before.” > Explore, Connect, Succeed! Visit | APRIL 2016 | Club Business International 41